Philippines Work From Home Ideas To Earn Money For Mothers in 2018

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Home based work? Surely you’d prefer to know these work from home ideas to earn money? Most especially if you are living within the city center of the Philippines – Metro Manila. Why not? Who wants to commute everyday and spend hours of travel time before you can reach your office desk. Same scenario when you clock out and traverse back home. And if luck is not on your side, there will be badder days where you’ll spend 3-4 hours travelling. And to make it even worst, whenever you get late, you cannot use excuses such as “heavy and bad traffic” to your boss.

The scenario above is not something new. This has become the norm living in the city – as an employee. And before you know it, you’re not efficient anymore with your work.

Work From Home Ideas To Earn Money For Mothers

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How about if you are a working mother? That is even more painful because you’re not only thinking about your work but your duty as a mother too. You’ll lose your valuable time in the road instead of enjoying yourself with your kids. Having said, I would like to share with you some feasible work from home ideas to earn money.

Assess Yourself First Before Picking Up A Home-based Work

Before we start, assessing yourself should be your priority before switching to home-based work. Whatever work from ideas to earn money you see online or hear from others, knowing thyself first is more important. Always bear in mind that there’s no 100% guarantee that things will go your way. And not knowing what you can potentially do or not can either make you or break you.

Create a checklist of your skills

Imagine yourself preparing for a job interview. You must prepare a checklist like a simple resume to know what kind of available home-based job you should look for. You can ask yourself simple questions like:

  1. What kind of job are you currently doing or before you had kids?
  2. Are you working in an office? Sales or consultant maybe?
  3. Are you a night person? Or you’re more efficient working during the day?
  4. Do you have a good writing skills or do you prefer talking and dealing with people

Why do you need to know such details? These little details is the best way to make good money. It will make things easier for you to find the most suitable work from home job. Also, it will help you to find balance between your target job and taking care of your family.

Do You Need Childcare While Working At Home?

Whether you only have one or more kids, always assess if you need help taking care of your children while working from home. Different families have different situations at home. Some mothers may have kids that needs special attention. Some may not. Some moms have a partner or husband who can help her taking care of their baby, some don’t. Some moms are open to have their clients in their home, some aren’t. Some have an extra room to make as a office space at home, some have none.

These are just some of the simple things you have to consider before deciding to work from home. You need to know, especially for single mothers, if you are flexible enough to handle your home-based job and taking care of your family. Or if you need to get yourself a helper, assistant, of babysitter.

Do You Have The Space And Tools For Your Home Based Job?

Having an extra room or space to transform into a home based office is not really a requirement. However, it is more convenient if you have that space for your home based job. You can concentrate and organize your stuff – specially if you will be filled with papers. Or at least have that same ambiance of working in a real office. You can also set your mood even at home – work and family. Moreover, there are times that kids can be uncontrollable sometimes. You don’t want to see one day that your kids are playing with your laptop or scribbling colors on your paper works.

Depending on your preferred work from home job, you need to make sure that you also have the correct tools. Some home based job would need you to have a good desktop computer or laptop. Some work may even require Apple Macbook. Then some type of jobs will need you to have a good and stable Internet connection. Some employers would even look for phone or mobile so that they can contact you directly when needed. You have to consider these things. It is one of the work from home ideas to earn money tips that you need to prioritize if needed.

When All Fails, It Is Better To Have An Emergency Funds

Like most of us have been telling our colleagues, don’t be hasty with your decisions if you don’t have an emergency funds. Not every home based moms became successful during their first few tries. It depends on the type of work you will pursue doing at home. Let’s take an example. Say, you created your profile in UpWork and hoping to get a freelancing job. It won’t be easy at first. Why? Most employers are confident working with those freelancer applicants who have had good ratings already from their previous employers. Compared to you who recently created an account and posted your availability. And if you get lucky to be interviewed, you may end up in the waiting list.

The point is, it won’t be easy at first – as I’ve previously said. That is why it is very important that you have an emergency funds. This is specially if you are a single parent. You must ensure that you have extra money in case you still don’t get a freelancing job.

Other Things To Consider

Again, there are other things you might need to consider depending on the kind of home-based work you want to pursue. Let’s say you want to start your own home-based business instead. There are processes that you need to undergo first before you can start your own sole proprietor business in the Philippines. Such processes involves business registration to government offices like Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Bureau of Internal Revenue, local Barangay, local City Hall, etc.

You have to consider this tedious process to make sure that you’ll be running a legitimate business and avoid penalties in the future. Otherwise you might lose everything if you don’t do it right.

Top Feasible Work From Home Ideas To Earn Money For Mothers

As of writing this, here are a few feasible work from home ideas to earn decent and good money for moms.

  1. Selling goods like raw or preserved fruits. Not only it is healthy but people nowadays are becoming health conscious. However, not everyone have time to find a good place or seller to sell delicious and healthy fruits. If you can find a good seller in the market, you could make an informal contract with him to become your supplier. Then you can sell the goods around your neighborhood or even your old colleagues at work.
  2. Bake and sell. If you have talents in baking then use it for your advantage. You can bake healthy cookies and sell it to parents whom they can give as snacks for their kids going to school. I am sure your old colleagues from work will love to get a good bite of your healthy fresh baked cookies and pastries.
  3. Packed lunch or food-on-the-go business. Likewise, if you are good at cooking then it will be a good business as well. Most employees are so busy to get outside thinking where to eat. Offering them your prepared packed lunch or food-on-the-go can be a hit!
  4. Selling Ready to Wear (RTW) garments. If you are into fashion, you can do buy and sell ready-to-wear clothing. Who doesn’t love to get a decent clothing with affordable price. Good catch!
  5. Loading station business. The percentage of mobile prepaid users compared to postpaid is still huge in the Philippines. Why? It is more economical and practical. That is why selling mobile load is still a hit today.
  6. Foods cart business. Most people, especially Filipinos, loves to eat! Especially if it is affordable yet delicious food or snack. Dim sums like siomai are still one of the best seller in the food cart business.
  7. PSE Stock or Cryptocurrency Trading. Well, if you like stocks trading then this is something where you can invest your money. You either invest it for long term – let your favorite company to grow. Or use your money in a day trading – high risk, high reward. There are free seminars offered by stock platform companies such as COL Financials where you can learn the basics.
  8. Online freelancing jobs.  If the above options are not good enough for you, there are online freelancing services where employers and employees meet. Not physically. Getting jobs online is one of the best work from home ideas to earn money. These are online freelancing jobs like the one I’ve already mentioned – UpWork. There are other related online companies like this. There are also website or online companies who are looking for content writers. SEM and SEO experts are also in-demand. The possibilities to get a home-based job is big online. All you have to do is search and find the most suitable for you.
  9. Create a website for Blogging, Online Affiliate Marketing, Online Buy and Sell. These are only three of the possible ways how you can earn passive income. You can earn money from contextual ads, reviews, etc. on blogging. You can also create an online shop. The idea is buy and sell. You will search and buy for good stuffs and sell it online. But it is not easy at start. Like any business, you have to invest on building such business. And you have to help it grow. But once you’ve succeed after a couple of months, it’ll be harvest time.
  10. Creating online video tutorials in YouTube. If you like facing the camera and you think you have the guts, you can create online video tutorials. You can start and share from small stuffs to big ones. You can earn from the YouTube Adsense programs. These are the ads you usually see when you watch Youtube.

Among the work from home ideas to earn money above, online freelancing jobs is one of the most lucrative. You can choose from a wide selection of available online freelancing job offers. You can negotiate the salary.  This means you can haggle and demand for higher pay. And the beauty of this is the more you accomplish a job, your rating increases, your experience gets bigger, your exposure gets bigger, network gets bigger. What is the essence of this? The higher salary you can demand on your next job!

I have two kids and I stopped working for quite sometime. But I am still able to support my kids working as a freelancer content writer and researcher. The point here is, why do you have to send yourself away from your kids just to earn a couple of bucks. Why do you have to endure the noisy and heavy traffic of the metro where you can be happily work while enjoying extra time with your kids. Happy mom, right?

How about you? Do you have other work from home ideas to earn money that you can share with us?

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