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We are Hiring - Image Credits Pixabay

Job Title: Freelance Content Writer

We’re searching for a experienced researcher and content creator to help write evergreen articles for our blog.

The job posting is for FREELANCER candidates only. BUT if the project succeeds with positive feedback, a long-term work engagement is a possibility. Almost all topics will be provided to the writer but we’re open for suggestions for as long as it is related to our niche. Here are the general topics the team is focused on:

  • Health (and Beauty)
  • Relationship
  • Travel
  • Money Saving Tips

Job description:

  1. All content should be well-written in English language. Linguistic and strong grammatical skills in English language is a must.
  2. Must have experience in researching unique niche-related topics and creating evergreen content.
  3. Submit an article for review every M-W-F-Sun. Daily submission of article is accepted but review and publishing schedule will be the same.
  4. Article should be 700 words at minimum
  5. Editing Proofreading is required.
  6. Writer should be familiar with SEO but not required.
  7. Writer should be able to support the content with related image. Free download is available from or but the
  8. writer should provide the source for citation.
  9. Writer should provide all the sources/references used for the article/content created for proper citation.
  10. Writer should be familiar with Trello.
  11. Open to sign an contract agreement.

Outright Offer:

Payment for each approved and published content:

  • If Paypal, $5USD
  • If GCASH, Php300

*** Contract agreement will be prepared and signed after it has been agreed.

For interested parties, please contact us.