Make Sure You Have A Compact Compressor Nebulizer Ready For Your Baby – With Or Without Asthma

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Most parents think that nebulizer is only needed for babies, kids, or even adults who are suffering from asthma. Admittedly, I was one of them – before. Until I had my own kids to raise. I am telling you my dear parents that we’re wrong to assume this. I realized that we need a compact compressor nebulizer readily available whenever our babies get sick. Especially when they have clogged nose because of colds.

We experienced many sleepless nights when our baby got hit by cold and flu last summer. Not only that we need to monitor his fever, but it was also too hard for him to breath. His nose was stuffed, and he was breathing through his mouth for most of the time. We decided to bring him to his pediatrician for a check-up the next day. The doctor prescribed a couple of medicines to treat his cold and fever. Then along with the prescription was the recommendation to use a nebulizer with a few drops of sodium chloride (salt water) solution. Our doctor said this is to help our baby to clear his nasal congestion.

Finding The Right Compact Compressor Nebulizer

After our doctor’s checkup appointment, it is clear now that we need to get a compact compressor nebulizer. Gone are the days where we thought that such device is only meant for special cases. And so, here are the few things we tried to consider in finding the right compact compressor nebulizer for our baby:

  1. The nebulizer should be portable. My youngest owns one, but it was an old model. The device itself was too bulky and heavy;
  2. Durable. Since we’re guessing that we won’t be using it once, we must ensure the quality of the nebulizer;
  3. User-friendly. We must make sure that the device is easy to use.

We thought of looking for a battery-operated nebulizer so that we can carry it anywhere, anytime. However, we find it less powerful in terms of turning the solution into mist. It is taking the process longer which can cause your baby to be irritated. You know, babies are impatient – most of the time.

We first looked in Amazon for the best compact compressor nebulizer with good reviews. But due to the urgency, we decided to head into the nearest drug store. We asked for their recommendable nebulizer. And so, they offered us the PulmoNeb compact nebulizer. After a quick inspection of the device, we’ve decided to buy it.

How Frequent Should Your Baby Use Nebulizer

Since we’re using Salinase Sodium Chloride, a saltwater solution, we were advised to use it whenever it is necessary. There’s no harmful side-effect if you use it frequently. So whenever you baby’s uncomfortable because of his stuffed nose, grab your nebulizer and mist away!

TIP: You can also directly apply a few drops (1-2 drops) unto your baby’s stuffed nose the saltwater. This works faster than using a nebulizer.

Why Do We Need A Nebulizer At Home

A compact compressor nebulizer is not only needed by those who have asthma – let that be a fact! Also, if you have a baby at home then the more it is necessary to have it at home. Babies with stuffed nose will make them feel uncomfortable which will cause them to cry. With a nebulizer at home that is readily available is a big help. It can unclogged your babies’ stuffed nose and help him breath normally.

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