5 Cheap and Budget-Friendly Birthday Party Ideas For Your Child

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Parties are fun but they can also be immensely tiring. One of the reasons why birthday parties are stressful is the fact that our guests expect so much from us. We eventually end up stretching our budgets in order to impress our guests and make sure they’re well-fed.

But let’s admit it. There are times when money is tight and we’re only left without any choice but to keep the celebration simple. When you’re not really new to throwing parties, you know how costly they can be.  Especially if you are about to get stressed and then sort into what we call “emotional shopaholism“. There’s the food, the thank you notes, the souvenirs, and the entertainment. And if you’re place is not huge enough to accommodate all the guests, you eventually need to rent a place.

Problems in Preparing for Baby Birthday

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Is there a way to push through with your plans and throw your child’s birthday party, sans breaking the bank? Yes, try these cheap and budget-friendly birthday party ideas:

Use your creativity to make simple foods look much more appetizing

You can never go wrong with the all-time favorite party foods such as chocolate crackles, mini quiches, and mac and cheese. Kids will love bite-sized snacks and finger foods because it’s easy for them to eat.

Be creative. This is one of the best cheap and budget-friendly birthday party ideas that you should cultivate within.

Setting up a food bar is also the trend these days. Not only food bars are aesthetically pleasing but they also make it easier for your young guests to decide which food they’d like to have. Why not set up your macaroni and cheese bar? Just a tip to keep your noodles warm: slow-cook them. Then serve your guests with jars filled with the usual toppings like buffalo sauce, chicken, and bacon.

A candy bar is always a hit on kiddie parties! When you’re afraid the sweets will cause a toothache among your little guests, don’t include hard candies and very sticky candies. Sour candies are also not ideal for little ones because they are too acidic.

You can give your menu a healthier twist by serving them fruits on a stick. Strawberry shortcake kebabs and chocolate-dipped frozen bananas are cheap and easy to make but are insanely delicious.

For your adult guests, you can try adding these cheap and easy recipes on your menu:

  • Ham and Swiss Sliders
  • Apple walnut spinach salad
  • Pineapple Fluff
  • Veggie and dip
  • Lasagna Casserole

Make your own decors

For the birthday banner, you can cut out paper supplies and print DIY buntings to make it colorful. There are free printable buntings you can download from the Internet. This will make a nice backdrop for photo-ops.

You can use tissue paper to make your own tassel garland or cutout colored papers to create a rainbow garland. What’s nice about DIY projects is that you can make use of whatever supply you have at home, such as wooden clothespins and even old curtains.

Choose an inexpensive location

When your house or your backyard is not spacious enough to have all your guests, you eventually need to find a bigger place.

If Mr. Sun is out, feel free to invite your guests to an outdoor party. Check out parks in your locality. Many parks these days are already equipped with picnic tables and barbecue equipment.

Community centers also have rental halls, which can be an alternative for banquet halls. You can also rent a local church hall if there’s one nearby.

Get your supplies from the dollar store

The dollar store is often the go-to place for party supplies such as disposable tableware, serveware, and birthday candles. Aside from party supplies, you can also buy your grocery from the dollar store. Don’t worry about buying knock-off brands. There a lot of them that taste just as great as their more costly counterparts!

The prices of candies are way cheaper in dollar stores compared to grocery stores. If you’re thinking of filling goodie bags, you can save tons of money by buying boxes of chocolates and candies from the dollar store. If you’re lucky enough, you can score amazing deals on big brands.

Stick to traditional party games

Sometimes, it’s tempting to just hire someone else for the entertainment. But wait, getting a party clown will cost an extra $100 to $160 per hour! And if the clown you’re about to get has a business license and an insurance, you eventually need to pay more.

Forget those costume entertainers when you have to stick to a budget. After all, most kids hate clowns. Just host your child’s party and let your young guests play traditional party games.

You can also find game prizes from the dollar store. But if you’re thinking of doing it yourself, you can make your edible treats. If you and you’re birthday celebrant loves arts and crafts, maybe you could do something like a friendship bracelet or a DIY playdough.

At the end of the day, what truly matters is how your child felt about the celebration. If he’s old enough to understand, explain that you need to be smart in spending your money now that money is tight. Your child will surely appreciate that you still made an effort to make him/her feel special.

Cheap and Budget-Friendly Birthday Party Ideas For Your Child - Birthday Cake

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