How Cell Phones Can Severely Damage Your Family Relationship

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Maybe you haven’t noticed it yet but cell phones can severely damage your family relationship. Yes, it can! Ask yourself these simple questions: “when was the last time I had an intimate talk with my partner? Do I know what made my kid happy today? Do I even know who are my kid’s friends? When was the last time my family enjoyed talking with each other in one place. Talking, in the sense that each one of us actually listened. And not just nodding without really understanding anything.

It’s undeniable, mobile phone is one of the best things that technology brought to our lives. We are able to conveniently get to communicate with anyone anywhere and anytime. Distance does not matter and we always have that feeling of “closeness” since communicating with them is so convenient. Making people from far away distance closer to us. But what about those who are literally close and near us? And to make it worst, what if you’re already a nomophobic? Wherein you can no longer feel comfortable without your phone near you. Surely, you’ll spend like 90% of your day swiping and looking at your phone.

Your cell phone has already replaced-your watch camera, calendar, and alarm clock Please dont let it replace your friends and familyI saw this simple meme about cell phone and relationship while browsing the Internet. The message is powerful which led me writing this article. There’s a truth behind that simple photo, isn’t it?

Top Situations How Cell Phones Can Severely Damage Your Family Relationship

Let’s try to put all the possible situations or scenarios how cell phones can severely damage your family relationship – same as with other gadgets. We know that the list can go on and on, but let’s put the obvious and simple first.

Holding Your Phone MORE Instead Of Your Love Ones’ Hand

Holding hands, especially while walking, is one of the intimate ways to express that you wanted to be with them. But, it’s noticeable nowadays that couples are holding their phone more and more than holding each other’s hands. People are becoming more clingy on their mobile phones than touching each other’s hands. The sweetness is diminishing as your relationship goes along.

Try this one instead. Try to limit your cell phone time when you’re with your love ones. Especially for the guys, hold your partner’s hands a little bit tighter with a little touch of massage. This is to show that you long for her and how’d you missed her. Although it’s awkward, sniff a little with a quick kiss. This will make her you love her. It’s too cheesy, I know. But a little sweetness once in a while is worth it!

Looking At Your Cell Phone’s Screen Than Your Baby

Baby and Father

Image Credits – Pexels

A big no-no! Especially if your baby is in the stage of learning and recognizing things (newborn to age of 4).

It is common now that parents nowadays are both working. And most of the time, even on accidental situations, they tend to bring their stress and work loads at home. “We’re all busy…” – it’s a given fact. But don’t let that ruin our responsibility to our kids. They need our attention at this stage more than ever. They’ll be babies and kids once. We need to show our babies love and express it with a 100% full attention. You don’t want to regret not able to show them your love someday, don’t you?

There are parents that they’ll held their babies on their arm for a while then check on their phone – let’s say within 5-min? Your babies are smart and hungry for new things. They don’t know how to talk but it does not mean they can’t feel.

Try this instead. Start to make it a habit that when it’s baby time – no phones allowed! If it can’t be helped because there might be a possible “urgent or emergency calls/texts”, put your cell phone a little bit farther from you. “Farther” in a sense that you can’t easily reach it. Play with your baby, talk to him/her. Show and express your love by cuddling, talking, embracing and touching. While doing it, make sure that you’re all eyes – I mean eye contact is important too. You don’t want your baby to grow not knowing how to properly show love, right?

More Calls and SMS texts Than Actually Seeing and Talking To Each Other

When was the last time you really “talked” with your husband/wife/partner? Or with your kids? When was the last time you had a good talk with your family and relatives? Do you think by just calling them on the cell phone or sending them text to say hi or hello is enough? Especially with your parents who are now far from you because you already have a family of your own. Don’t you know that your mom or dad feels lonely too sometimes? There are times that your parents would reminisce those old times when you’re still both enjoying being together?

Try this instead. At least once a week or a month, try to visit or put up a small family reunion at your house. There’s no reason why you should not. A simple lunch or dinner will be enough for you all to see each other and talk. Share each stories that happened over the whole week.

Do Not Spoil The Good Moment Over The Table

Whether breakfast, lunch, or especially dinner, put all your cell phones away from the table! Most families, commonly on parents, have unintentionally ignored the importance of these small moments of the day – dining together without any gadgets. What we can see nowadays, most families had lesser and lesser to discuss family matters and sharing how each day’s went. Mainly because all are busy with Facebook updates, tweeting, updating Instagram, chatting with other people, checking mails, any many more. Point is, everyone is too busy focusing on their cell phones instead of talking and listening to each other.

There’s a survey done in the UK for secondary pupils. The survey is about revealing the impact of phone-checking parents on family life. As early as these kids, there are more than 1/3 has started asking their parents to STOP checking on their mobile phones.

Family Eating Together

Image Credit: Pixabay

Try this instead. The surveys shows that parents are sticking on their cell phones over meal times. And because it is becoming serious on most families, experts are even recommending a total ban of gadgets during dinner times. For the experts, they deem it is about time and necessary – and the only way.

In our honest opinion, we think banning cell phones and any gadgets over meal time is only appropriate. First, as a Christian, each one should respect the meal in front of you. Say your grace and be thankful that God has given you another meal to take. Second, make use of that moment to talk to each other. Check on your husband or wife how did his/her day went? Your kids, ask them if they had fun in the school.

Don’t take this moment too lightly. It may be your only time to have real “family time” in a day – make the most out of it.

Missing Family Events Because You Are Too Hooked With Facebook-ing, Tweeting, and Instagram-ming

Are you starting to miss birthdays and anniversaries within your family?  Just because you’re too busy updating and reading feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites? And worst, you can’t even think of what to give as a gift. You are in big trouble and this is one sure way how cell phones can severely damage your family relationship. This situation is pretty straightforward and there’s no need to explain.

Try this instead. Whether you have a tendency to forget things and events easily, use of your cell phone’s calendar and mark each important dates. And as much as possible, add an event alarm – maybe a week or a day before. This will help you remember and still have time to prepare.

You are Dating As A Couple And Not On A Business Meeting

Both of you are working and trying to find a suitable time to schedule a date is sometimes hard. Especially if you already have kids. So why will you ruin the intimate moment by focusing more on your cell phone than your date? You are not on a business meeting – it’s a special moment, a date!

Romantic Date

Image Credits – Pexels

Do not go on a date if you’ll only focus or keep on checking your cell phone. This is one of the common problems of couples. They are going out on a date just to make a statement that they are going out. But the truth is they can’t focus on each other – for the whole date. This is another how cell phones can severely damage your family relationship.

Try this instead. If you are not expecting anything – call or text, keep your cell phones on your pocket or bag. Try talking and listening to each other. It will make your relationship stronger. You might discover something new with your love one.

It’s A Family Weekend And Not A Family Cell Phone-ing

Aside from seeing each other during dinner or breakfast, weekend is the only way you can be all together. But sometimes, each one of you are busy with your phones. Some kids will lock themselves inside their room and spending the whole day on their phones.

Try this instead. Why don’t you all gather on the sofa, find a good movie while having a freshly cooked popcorn? After the movie, try to talk about it. It will be a good start to get the conversation rolling.

Then while you’re at it, play some indoor games. Involve all members of the family. Have a healthy communication and relationship with each other. Or why not go outside and play with each other. Spend a good day wisely!

Water Fight Children Playing

Image Credit – Pexels

Our Two-cents To Share

Cell or mobile phones are indeed one of the best gadgets technology has brought to us. But excessive usage of cell phones can severely damage your family relationship. Again, as the meme say – “Your cell phone has already replaced your watch camera, calendar, and alarm clock.  Please don’t let it replace your friends and family“.

Family Selfie

Image Credits: Pexels

Instead of letting cell phones ruin your family relationship, make use it to bond.  With each happy moments, snap a picture. And even more, capture those stolen moments. One day, you can talk about it and what happened when the picture was taken.

Baby Holding Tablet with Mom

Image Credits:
Alexander Dummer from Unsplash

Also, find a game where all of you in the family can join and play together. Surely, all of you will enjoy it. Do not forget that your family is very important above all in this world – even if you’re working at home or not.

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