10 Fun Things to Do Without Spending Money To Avoid Emotional Shopaholism

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Do you love to shop in order to make yourself feel happier? That is called retail therapy or emotional shopaholism. It is the act of compulsive shopping which makes you happy in return. You are not alone. A 2017 survey revealed that retail therapy is costing people an average of $1,652 per year. Getting your hands on that new smartphone or a pair of sneakers you’ve been longing to have is no doubt an enjoyable experience.

Unless it does not turn into an addiction and it does not leave you in debt thereafter, then retail therapy can be an effective way to de-stress. There is nothing wrong with buying stuff, as long as you have the funds for it. But what if having no money to buy the things you want is the actual dilemma?

Let’s say you are about to approach the weekend with only a few bucks left on your wallet. What’s there to do than go to the mall and shop? We dare you to try this challenge: the “no-spend weekend“.

There’s actually a month version of this challenge but that’s only for the amazingly thrifty people. If you’re still taking baby steps to lessen your expenses or get away from retail therapy gradually, the no-spend week challenge is enough for you. Or why not try a “no-spend day?” That’s a whole lot easier!

Avoid Retail Therapy Squeeze Credit Cards

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Avoid Retail Therapy And Do These 10 Fun Stuffs Without Spending Money

To give you some ideas about how you’ll do that, here are some activities you got to try.

1. De-clutter your room or any area of your home that desperately needs some organizing.

Getting rid of certain things can be a challenge, especially if you have never done it before. It could be because you’re too busy to go through each item or you’re the type who just likes saving everything because someone might need that thing in the future. Try to get rid of some stuff and see how good it feels.

2. Do a DIY project.

The Pinterest is one big haven for all things DIY. Simply input in the search box what kind of project interests you and voila. You will get hundreds of ideas to choose from! DIYs are not limited to arts and crafts. You can make your own furniture, cosmetics, and clothes.

3. Play board games.

When was the last time you played Chess or Scrabble? We meant that good old board game, and not that app on your phone. If your board games already collected some specks of dust, now is the time to clean them and actually use them.

4. Take pictures.

Go out and take photos for an hour. It could be an enriching activity. Or just take selfies and see what angle works best. Now is the time to be that photographer wanna-be!

5. Go to a park.

When the sun is out and the weather is good, use that opportunity to take a walk. Meet some friends, or go out to watch the sunset together.

6. Read a book.

There are a plethora of sites that offer free e-books. But if you prefer paperback, there are local libraries that will allow you to borrow books. Reading a real book is such an experience. After all, the added element of physical touch just makes it more memorable than just reading it on a device.

7. Take some surveys.

Answering some surveys can be a way to earn a little amount of money. There are several sites that will pay you in exchange of your opinion, mostly about a certain product or a service. You don’t have to worry that it will take a big chunk of time. Most surveys will take you only less than five minutes to complete. Or find any home-based ideas to earn more money.

8. Learn about a new hairdo.

Update your look and try a new hairstyle. Or if you’re brave enough, cut your own hair! There are lots of easy-to-follow tutorials on YouTube.

9. Try some new outfit combos.

Take a look at your wardrobe and do some mixing and matching of outfits. Sometimes, we don’t realize we have certain items we haven’t used since we bought them.

10. Volunteer.

Making the world a better place isn’t that complicated to do and you can do that without spending a dime. You can find organizations that will allow you to take part in their activities, without strings attached which means you can do it when you’re only available.

There you go! As the old adage goes, the best things in life are free. We don’t really need to always take that plastic card or those remaining bills in our wallet to be happy.

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